Convention 2011!!!!

I arrived in Anaheim in one piece! And I was lucky enough to run into a good friend and Delightful gal Joyce B. We shared a fun bus ride to the happiest place on earth…the Disneyland Hotel! My roomie Bren Y. and I had a great time. I loved being so close to “Downtown Disney” and the fun shopping and eating.

After a busy, full day at *Leadership* I had a Hearts Delight team meeting! Almost every Hearts Delight consultant attended and I met a ton of talented, excited and amazing women. The photo above are the “gifts” that my team members received. Remember the cutting and gluing from my former posts?? Hahaha. I was a busy gal. Prep and assembly.
The story of my life every year *Before Convention*!

And the breakfast of champions! I love a Micky waffle. Yum!
I’ll be sharing a few more stories and photos.
Cuz in case you didn’t know….CTMH and *Cricut* are going steady!!

It’s BIG biGG BBIIGG. Can’t wait to plug it in and let it cut for me!! YeeHaw! I’ve seen the light!!

Fun with Friends

But enough about me! I’ll be posting a photo of my winning artwork later this week, when I get some lovely sunhine and a few minutes to get it done.

In the meantime here are some fun photos of my weekend in Las Vegas. I attended Karen Morris’ LeaderShare! Nope, Karen M. is not my Upline.

She is my awesome friend.

And Las Vegas is much closer than the LeaderShare event that my AWESOME Upine Sheri Rottler hosted in October. I drove up with some local consultants – and good friends! We enjoyed a fabulous lunch at Cafe Rio. YummO!!
Left to right- Shelia W-Me-Eileen W-Patty A. Missing is Sharyl H.
She had lunch with the big wigs cuz she’s a Director!

And here are the totally cool Hearts Delight Team members who attended. The lighting is not great in this photo but this was the best of the bunch! It was great to catch up with Jen R, and Addie E. I got to meet the darling Loreina C. They all received a fun gifty of goodies from the new spring Idea Book.

And my photo with Mama to be Monica W. She looks adorable as always.
I look like a dork.

And here I am working to complete my “projects” and be funny. My job is to make sure Eileen gets a good laugh. In the background you can see Bren. Karen and Naomi are there as well…..but their heads are chopped off. Oh MY.

Good times.

Good Times at Team Builders

Here’s our cute check in gifts upon arriving in Salt Lake City last Thursday. The box was filled with team spirit pins, pom poms and even a fun mega-phone! It set the tone for cheering on the corporate team and shouting WOOT WOOT !!!

Here we are in the V.I.P room saying HOWDY to each other. It’s Bren, Kay and Sue. Dear friends and talented leaders.

My friend Tiffany Young the fabulous Manager of Events and Training.

The three amigos. Bren, Yours Truly, and Karen.

And the lovely Monica. For 18 years I’ve had a photo with Monica at every single Close To My Heart event. I can see every wrinkle and lump my age incurs but she has stayed exactly the same.
She’s just a doll baby.


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