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margi and meI’ve been a Close To My Heart consultant for 24 years! Yes! 24 amazing, happy and creative years. That was not my intention when I signed up in 1992. I was hoping to sell a bit so I could buy a bit and not dip into the family grocery budget! I was a SAHM and desperate for some distraction and girl time!

I paid $250!! for my “kit” which included a few stamps – on wood! – a few ink pads and a set of markers. It’s amazing how much the industry has changed. I guess if I compared myself now to then I would have to say the same. It’s all different, including me!

This month you can join Close To My Heart for only $75! TRUE!! And then you get to “choose” $50 in FREE product. So your investment is about $25! Whether you want to make money, make friends, or just work on your own projects I cannot see a down side!

Let’s talk. I’d love to share in your journey as a CTMH consultant! email me at or text me 602-820-2134. There’s tons of great stuff happening for the “makers” and creators of pretty stuff!! I’d love to have you be a part of my HeartsDelight team! (Second place in sales for the US! for teams 100-250 in size!)

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